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Our Orthodox Divine Liturgy. contains the fundamental elements of the Miracle of the Feeding of the Five Thousand in St. Matthew's Gospel.  The gathering of the believers, the teaching and healing of Christ, the 'dismissal', the prayers of Thanksiving, the Miracle, the Distribution and the gathering of the fragments are all elements of the weekly liturgical celebration of the Church.

The occasion of Christ's healing of the young servant of the Roman centurion poses the question for us - how did this man come to trust in Christ's authority and ability to heal this servant.  The story of the conversion of the centurion Cornelius in Acts 10 may hold some clues as to how he came to believe and trust in Christ, and how we might as well.

This Great Feast, concluding the Paschal Season, fills the Church with every gift of the Spirit.  There is no need for 'another Pentecost' or even a Revival.  The Lord is present today, in the Church.

This Feast continues to reveal the glory of Christ as we are sustained in the celebration of the Risen Lord and motivated to do the spiritual work before us in the spirit of the Apostolic Church

The healing of the Man Born Blind was a sign of the revelation of the Glory of Christ.  This glory shines through the Church in her communion with the Risen Lord and the in power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Myrrhbearer Salome and her companions are remembered on the Third Sunday of Pascha.  Their willingness to do the 'dirty work' brought them to the glory of discovering the risen Lord.

The occasion of Holy Baptism, the celebration of Mid-Pentecost, and the Sunday of the Samaritan Woman serve as a confluence of spiritual streams on the grace of God through our Encounter with Christ, the Teaching which illumines, and the Holy Spirit which sanctifies us.

The lives of the saints of Africa inspire us to holy Christian living.  This third presentation in the series on African Christianity (March 2015) gives us examples of how the Holy Martyrs Perpetua and Felicity, the saintly  hierarch Athanasius the Great, and the holy monks St. Moses the Black, and St. Tekla Haymanut, leading very different lives in different eras, exemplify Christian living for us today. The presenters include Pani Matka Christine Holet (reader, chanter), David Murphy, John Gresham, and Dr. Bill Black.

Dr. Bill Black presents the first of a series sponsored by St. Nicholas parish on the History of African Christianity.  This session, held on UVA grounds in conjunction with Black History month. February 2015

The reading of Genesis 1 during the first week of Great Lent offers us a glimpse of what God had intended for humankind.  The spiritual life leading to Communion with God is our realization and fulfillment of His restorative love.

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